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Are Instant Approval Articles & Press Releases Submission Websites A Good Opportunity ?

As you are probably aware, SEO is a domain in constant evolution and its strategies as well. Years ago, white hat was enough. You would just perfect your content and contact some partners with who you would exchange a few links, and that was it. But now competition is tough and most SEO agencies turn to grey hat, submitting articles and press releases to websites who accept it. Now, are instant approval articles & press releases submission websites such a good opportunity ?

“Content Is King, Linking Is Queen”

If you work in an SEO agency, you probably have heard this expression many times, and for a good reason. Indeed, even if content is the basic of any SEO strategy and was, at a time, enough to optimise a website, nowadays linking has become fundamental and cannot be separated from a general SEO campaingn.

Of course, you may keep as white as possible, by contacting webmasters in a domain similar to yours or your client’s one and try to exchange links. But many tried to do that and at some point, when a webmaster receive tons of demands everyday, it ends up not even taking the time of checking them any more.

Instant Approval Article And Press Release Submission Sites

That’s why many turn to gray hat, by buying articles or posting press releases on submission sites. Now, are these websites such a good opportunity ? Really, no. First because if they offer instant approval, tell yourself that it will be the case not only for you, your business and your clients, but for anyone. That means that the posting website will accept any demand, may it be porn, gambling or any topic you probably don’t want to be assimilated to.

Besides, if any kind of text can be posted on such a kind of site, there probably will be a good amound of bad quality articles and press releases, which, let’s be honnest, cannot lead to good metrics.

Buying Articles From Posting Sites

So, if you are ready or have already turned to grey hat, you might as well want to buy articles from speacialised agencies. Yes, buying articles is against Google’s recommandation. But in reality, posting articles and press releases on posting websites is also against Google’s recommandation.

If we refer to these last, it actually appears that internet user experience is a leading criterium. So if you are doing grey hat, you might as well be as light of a grey as you can be, even if this means paying for an article submission. At least, it will lead to an informative article that will be useful to the internet user. This way, you will respect them (and thus Google’s recommandations) way more than if you were posting on an instant approval website, which are clearly fooling internet users.

Best Instant Approval Submission Websites List

Still, if you are interested, here is a list of the top 10 instant approval submission websites in the UK. Again, we do not recommand them, but as many have been asking, we did the work for you. (DA stands for Domain Authority and AR for Alexa Rank.)

Here we go, we hoped this article help you see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding posting articles and press releases on submissions websites. If you have any comment, please share !

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