5 of the Best Free Language Learning Apps for Android and iPhone

Looking to learn another language, but struggling to find the time? That’s where language learning apps can help. We’ve picked out five of the best free tools for iPhone and Android you can download for free, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to learning a new lingo.

Memrise: A Language Tool With Terrific Teaching Aids

If you’ve struggled to capture the context of foreign words and phrases before, Memrise is a great learning aid. This innovative app utilises similar sounding words from your mother tongue, as well as images and memes, for an altogether easier approach to memorising a new language. Fee to download in its basic form, Memrise can be used to build a handy vocabulary list if you’re looking to target certain word groups, while those keen to upgrade to a premium subscription can enjoy the added benefit of a bundle of games and the ability to access features in offline mode.

Free to download for iPhone and Android devices, Memrise covers over 150 languages. You’ll find leading ones like English, German, French and Arabic on offer here, alongside less obvious choices.

Duolingo:: User-Friendly Language Lessons

This is definitely one of our favourites in the lingo learning stakes. Android, iPhone and Windows devices are all compatible with this app, while there’s no need to register an account to get started. You’re good to go as soon as you’ve finished the download. The app itself is very user-friendly, with teaching aids including imagery, audio and video used alongside text to help teach you specific terms and phrases about all manner of topics. What’s more, this app can be used in offline mode, meaning you can pick up perfecting a new tongue wherever you are.

This tool is particularly user-friendly, while the teaching aids make it an ideal choice of app for children looking to be introduced to a new lingo. A variety of major languages are covered, including English, Italian, French, Spanish and German.

Rosetta Stone: The Leaders in Language Learning

Rosetta Stone has been in the language learning market for years now, with this app offering a more premium service to those keen to fine-tune a foreign vocabulary. The user interface and general functionality of this app might is stripped-back and simple, but there’s plenty of useful content on offer here. There’s a wide selection of topics and lessons included, which you can skip through at will. It’s a particularly handy app for those travelling internationally, with a phrase book feature that can be searched to find the most suitable word or phrase for any given situation.

You can download this essential app to any Android or iPhone device, with English, French, German, Spanish and more all available to learn. Although it’s free to download in its basic form, there’s also an enhanced version you can purchase if you want access to more content and learning aids.

Busuu: Dynamic App Design Makes Learning Simple

This increasingly popular learning tool has 60 million users worldwide. It’s not hard to see why, with its user-friendly design making it incredibly accessible. Learning itself is an enjoyable experience, with dynamic flashcards to stimulate the senses, along with great games and quizzes adding some variety to the proceedings.

iPhone and Android users can both download Busuu, with offline learning supported on both systems. Major languages like English, Italian, Spanish and German are all covered, along with many more.

Babbel: A Free App With First-Rate Features

Babbel sets itself apart from the rest of the apps in this list with its focus on conversational learning, making it ideal for more advanced users. Learning is split into individual lessons, usually lasting no more than 15 minutes, with a fresh vocabulary and set of phrases introduced in each one. Each lesson is also packed with useful reminders of words and phrases you’ve previously learned. This makes it excellent for those who find it hard to memorise newly acquired words for very long.

Another innovative feature that this app boasts is the regular challenges it sets you, the user. You’ll find yourself tasked with having to spell words in written form, speaking them aloud, or working them into a sentence correctly. You can find this app available for download on both iPhone and Android devices, with offline learning support and all major languages covered.

Feeling inspired? Whether you’re looking to escape to foreign climes and want to know how to speak the local lingo, or need to boost your business credentials with a brilliant new skill, learning a language has never been easier.

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