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3 smart accessories for pets

Since a few years, smart home accessories are everywhere. They include all the smart objects that we have in our house that helps us every day with cooking, cleaning, securing our home and taking care of our pets. Of course, many smart objects exist for our pets to live better. We made a list of the best smarts objects for you.

A pet monitor that feeds and play with your dog

All the dogs owners know that: when you have a dog and you go away for daywork, your dog can wait for hours behind the door. The business of pet surveillance is mainly dominated by cameras or monitors that give you the opportunity to talk to your beloved companion. But, this device allows to:

  • talk to your dog when you want to,
  • see everything about your dog’s day,
  • control the object’s movement by yourself or to make him follow your pet,
  • give him food when you want to.

In fact, this companion will entertain your dog when you are away. Don’t forget that this tool doesn’t replace you as a master.

A smart door for your cats

Cats love being outside, but they also love being inside when the weather is getting rainy. For all the cats owners, you know the feeling of rising up at 3:00 am to let your cat go outside because it is meowing. If you are in this case, this device will help you drastically. There are many smart accessories for cats, but a smart door was shown to the world at the CES 2019. Its process is simple: it allows your cat to go in and out when he needs to. When your cat is standing in front of the door, you receive a notification on your phone and you can open the door… or not.

A litter box that clean itself

The litter box is a place where cat’s owners don’t want to go. That’s why many brands invent the self-cleaning litter box which cleans the poop when your cat is leaving the box. In fact, this box works with captors that see when your cat is coming and leaving its litter, when they do leave, the smart litter will put the poop in an odorless box where all the dejections are stacked. Then, it will analyse your cat’s dejections.

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