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After Google has udated its Pigeon algorithm in 2014, business SEO got very different, going from a global strategy to a more local one. This means that business listing has become fundamental in order to optimise any company’s website. Here is a developped explanation of this algorithm and how it affects local SEO, and some strategies to comply with it, like listing a business in local listing sites.

What Is Google Pigeon Algorithm Update And How Does It Affect Local SEO?

On July 24, 2014, Google launched an update for its Pigeon algorithm. It was a new strategy set up in order to provide more accurate, relevant and useful local search results as there were now tied more closely to traditional web search ranking signals. According to Google, this new algorithm has improved their distance and location ranking parameters.

Regarding SEO strategies, that meant that we couldn’t approach SEO a global way like we used to do, but we had now to improve our local SEO, that is a strategiy more focused on a local target.

What Can I Do To Comply With This Algorithm?

Therefore, complying with this algorithm means that in order to optimise a business visibility, we now have to use tools that we wouldn’t have before. First above all, it is now fundamental to use the local business listing provided by search engines :

It is now also very relevant to create a Facebook page for any business that wish to be visible locally.

Thing is, all business have understood this now and if you want to make a difference, it won’t be enough. Best solution is to use local business listing sites. That’s why we have search for you the best free local business listing websites for you to list your company and improve your local SEO.

Top 10 Free Local Business Listing Sites

Here is our list of the 10 best free local business listing websites, with Domain Authority (DA) and Page Rank (PR) information:

Of course, there are numerous other local business listings websites. You may use as many of them as you need, Google will never consider it as too much. We hoped this article help you to understand the Google Pigeon algorithm update and to improve your local business site optimisation.

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