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Instagram: Dare games for your Instagram followers

More than one billion people around the world have Instagram on their phones. It is indeed one of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram was created for posting pictures and sharing stories that can appear in others’ feeds for up to 24 hours. If you love Instagram and its Story system, we prepared something for you that will be super useful. Down below, we explain how to play Instagram dare games in the easiest way possible. All of your story viewers or Instagram followers will be able to participate, including your friends, family, your crush, or your fans. By creating funny dare challenges, you will learn more about them, and they will also learn more about you. Let’s begin!

Answering the random question challenge

The goal of this game is to make your viewers/followers answer random questions. Here are the steps to follow in order to play this game:

Step 1: Ask the story viewers to randomly choose one question between the different questions available below:

a) What was your first girlfriend/boyfriend’s name?
b) How you broke up with your previous girlfriend/boyfriend?
c) Have you ever flirted with your teacher?
d) Have you ever got caught while kissing someone at school?
e) Have you ever lied to your parents and what you lied for?
f) Have you ever had love at first sight?
g) What was your created nickname in school that you dislike?
h) Are you a smoker?
i) How often do you drink?
j) Have you ever decided to break up your relationship?
k) Did you ever fight with someone?
l) What is a bad thing you want to quit?
m) Do you yell at people?
n) Who is your beloved actor/actress?
o) What is your dream job?
p) What was your most unforgettable moment?
q) Which country do you really want to travel to?
r) Which family member you like the most?
s) Tell me four things you don’t like about me.
t) Who are you (in 3 words)?
u) Do you believe in ghosts?
v) Do you believe in heaven, or hell?

Step 2: Once the question is answered, tag each other in order to follow the answers and their reactions.

Embarrassing photos challenge

For this challenge, the goal is to make your viewers and followers do something surprising and funny.

Step 1: Post an embarrassing photo of you on Instagram.

Step 2: Leave it for 24 hours

Step 3: Send a message to everyone who liked your post that says: “It is now your turn to post a funny pic of yourself since you liked mine, with the caption: will delete tmr, and tag me on your pic”.

Step 4: Finally, tell your friends to do the same to the next person.

The “Who Am I for You?” game

This challenge is interesting because it will give you an idea of what your friends and followers think of you.

Step 1: Ask your story viewers which one of the following answers makes them think the most about you:

  1. Chocolate Bar
  2. Hamburger
  3. All-Dressed Pizza
  4. Sweets and Candies
  5. Tylenol
  6. Cigarette
  7. Drugs

Step 2: Now that you got your answer, here’s its meaning down below:

  1. You adore me
  2. We are good friends
  3. We only waste our time
  4. We are best friends
  5. You want to stay with me
  6. You are obsessed with me
  7. You can’t live without me

Showtime challenge

This challenge is to let people decide what they want you to do. It’s showtime!

  1. Sing a song with the tone of voice of your opposite sex.
  2. Act like your favorite pet without naming it.
  3. Explain what Coke tastes like.
  4. Speak without opening your mouth for 15 seconds.
  5. Make your facial expression when someone farted.
  6. Use only gesture language with anyone you have to talk to for an hour.
  7. Wear a T-shirt saying: “Hug me” for an hour.
  8. Act like if you were a crocodile for five minutes.
  9. Dress like the opposite sex for one day.
  10. Say to strangers that you are hungry.
  11. Sing a song in front of strangers.
  12. Talk to a doll as if it were your crush.
  13. Colour your 2 front teeth in black, take a selfie and use it as your profile picture for a day.
  14. Do a Tiktok dance in the mall.
  15. Do a catwalk and pose like a model at the mall.
  16. Express everything like a cat for a few minutes.
  17. Ask your mom when she had her first sex.
  18. Go to the market and act like you know the strangers.
  19. Pretend as if you are underwater and drowning.
  20. Behave like the opposite sex for five minutes.
  21. Imitate anime voice for a few minutes.
  22. Act like a robot for a minute.
  23. Let people choose what you should eat for lunch between salad and buffet.
  24. Let people choose between red or green for your next hair color.

During this global pandemic, we all need some comedic relief in our lives. We hope you’ll enjoy our Instagram Challenge games. Have fun and enjoy!

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