Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush, Barrel Roll, Gravity, Sphere… Try 10 Awesome Tricks With Your Browser

Did you know that you can have Google do a barrel roll? That you establish gravity on your browser? That Chrome can spin like a sphere? Or else that you can choose the Muppet language as your preference? If not, let us tell you about the 10 best tricks you can activate on your browser.

Let’s Do A Barrel roll

Google has developed many tricks you can play with on your browser. One that is very cool and super easy to activate is to have Google do a barrel roll. Just try it by typing in “do a barrel roll”, and click on “Search”. Your browser will automatically … do a barrel roll!

Down to Earth: Establish Gravity On Chrome

Another cool trick is to implement gravity on your browser. For this one, you can’t just type in the top search box, you will have to go on Google’s homepage. Then type in the middle search box “Google Gravity” and click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button. Your browser will fall apart! Now try to click on the bricks and throw them away. Funny, isn’t it?

Let’s Spin Like A Sphere

Another one working with the “I’m feeling lucky” button is to have Google’s homepage spin in a spherical shape. Same way as for Google Gravity, but this time type in “Google Sphere”. Now move your mouse… and try to keep your guts inside!

Do you speak Muppet?

You probably know that google knows many languages spoken in the real world. But did you know that you can also select an imaginary language as a preference? For this, you need to hit the 9 squares on the top right of your Google homepage. Now go into “My account”, and under “Account Preferences”, select “Language & Input Tools”. You can now have a look at the many languages Google offers as a preference, including the Muppet language (Bork, bork, bork!), Elmer Fudd’s tongue (Ewmew Fudd), Klingon or else pirate. In this last one, you’ll find «moorr» instead of «more» for example.

Play With Dino During Internet Connection

Every one knows how frustrating it can be to face internet connection issues. Google is aware of that and has developed a little funny game to pass the time to those who lack patience. Wanna try it? Well just shut down your internet connection and try to open Google’s homepage. A little dinosaur will appear, on a background showing a desert. Note that the background is moving. Now, hit your space bar when the dino gets close to a cactus… Yes, you got it! What score did you get?

Google Knows… The Answer To Life!

Have you ever seen the  Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy movie? If yes, you know the answer too. According to Douglas Adams, the answer is the number 42. As a nod to the movie, Google will give you, as an answer to the request “answer to life, the universe, and everything”, a result page showing the Google calculator with the result 42.

Wanna play with Zergs?

Let’s stay in the geek culture and speak about zergs, this race of insectoid aliens in the popular Starcraft video game series. If you type in Zerg rush in google’s search box, your browser will start behaving like zerglings! Of course, it would not be funny if you couldn’t click on it to destroy them all before they chomp away at search results… How many results were chomped away before you got them all?

How Much Is Once In A Blue Moon?

Now this tricks is for nerds. Try to type in “once in a blue moon” in your browser’s search box. What do you get? Google calculator, again, but this time showing a weird result. This result is actually the very specific frequency 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz, which is a google’s play off to the frequency of apparition of a blue moon.

Google Loves Blincking

If you are a computer or web professional, you are probably aware of the blincking text element (<blinck>). Obviously, google knows it as well and has made the most of it. Try to type in “blinck html” in your browser search bar and look at all the «blinck» and «htlm» words in your search results page. They will start to blinck! Don’t watch too long, it could hurt your eyes.

Googles Loves Celebrating Birthdays

Now this one is not a real trick, but it still needs to be spoken of. Do you remember May 2010, when the famous Pac-Man game was celebrating its 30th birthday? Well, at the time, Google had developed a fun browser version of the game for the occasion, that you can still find in its archives. Now it still uses its homepage for fun tricks when celebrating other famous birthdays and holidays, too, so keep updated!

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