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Top 10 Best Teenage Romantic Movies on Netflix 2021

It’s been proven statistically speaking that people spend more time going through the movie list on Netflix than actually watching content. Therefore, if you don’t want to waste any time looking, we made this cute list of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

Why I don’t see the movie that I want to watch on Netflix?

It might not be available in your country or region because of copyright laws. What you can do to remediate the situation is to get a VPN program. Once the VPN is working, your IP address will come from another country, and Netflix will think you are located elsewhere on the globe, offering you access to movies you wouldn’t be able to watch otherwise.

What makes a good romantic movie?

The characters in good rom coms on Netflix should clearly start somewhere and have a clear objective. At the beginning of the film, a good romance always has this shocking moment, and then it goes on with different challenges that the protagonist has to face.

While facing the challenges, he or she will then fall in love, or have some sort of realization. Finally, if after the first half of the movie you are still not into it, then perhaps it means that this movie is not for you, or maybe the movie is just bad!

Best Teen Romance Movies 2021

Trust us, these movies won’t bore you (at least, we hope so). Here are our top 10 favorite teen romance movies of this year. So without further ado, let’s find the best rom coms on Netflix for you down below:

A Cinderella Story

As the name indicates, this is a retelling of the famous Disney classic, but with a nice twist and a modern take. Starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael, you will once more hate on the horrible mother and her 3 daughters that keep nagging and taking advantage of our main protagonist. She will, of course, find her charming prince, or will she?

She’s the man

If you like Channing Tatum, then you will love this movie! A girl is trying to pretend to be a boy and creates a lot of problems and chaos around her. It’s a cute, light, and very funny movie that is easily enjoyable alone or with your loved ones.

Tall Girl

This is an interesting Netflix Exclusive that tells the story of the tallest girl in the school. As with all sad romance movies on Netflix happening in a school, the main character gets bullied. But what’s particular here, it’s that she can’t find love because of her abnormal height. But then, a stranger arrives in her school, and it seems like this is the chance of her life to finally find what she has been looking for.

The Perfect Date

Another Netflix Exclusive, The Perfect Date tells the story of Brooks, a handsome man who is looking for a way to make some money before beginning college. Therefore, he gets the awesome idea of creating a mobile app that lets women request his services as a ‘perfect date man’. He then needs to pretend to be someone he is not, and problems follow.

Candy Jar

Always in the Netflix love movies alley, what we have here is a touching love story between two students that are participating in a debate club. They decide to work together to get accepted at the school of their dreams. Despite all of their differences, they soon realize that they have strong feelings for each other. That being said, will their love get in the way of the grand prize, or will it actually help them to succeed?

High Strung Free Dance

If you are feeling for a musical/dancing movie, then this one will satisfy your thirst for this genre of film. In this intense dancing competition, you see performers still falling in love despite all the hard work and pressure they have to go through in order to win. Touching, sensitive, adorable, sad, funny, this movie has a bit of everything for everybody.

All The Bright Places

This love story starts slow, as Theodore and Violet fall deeply in love with one another. Everything seems perfect for this cute young couple, or so it seems. Later on, the issues progressively emerge, making their new adult life a bit more complicated than what they had anticipated. Old scars are making a comeback, and now they will have to face them together.

Easy A

Okay, this romantic comedy on Netflix is a bit more comical, and perhaps a tad unrealistic if we are being honest. A schoolgirl decides to give fake sexual intercourse to a guy at a party so he can stop getting bullied because of his virginity. She then decides to take advantage of this by making a business out of it. Basically, she sells fake intercourse to men who want people to think they had sex with her.

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

Scott is happier than ever that he met Romana. He falls deeply in love with her, but it seems like he bit off more than he can chew. As a matter of fact, he learns that he must fight against the 7 evil exes of his newly found love if he wants to conquer her heart. Will he prevail in front of adversity, or will he fail miserably? Find out for yourself by watching this funny, light-hearted movie.

The Edge of Seventeen

If you want to watch another light-hearted movie, with a sweet little story about a teenage girl struggling through puberty, then this movie is made for you! In this film, you follow Nadine, who is not only having a hard time at school but also with her boyfriend. It seems everything is going sideways, no matter what she tries. Hopefully, she’ll find a way to balance things out in her life.

In Conclusion

Those are our top romantic comedies on Netflix to watch when we crave a little romance film between students/teenagers. Did you already watch most of them? If not, find yourself a big bag of chips, some ice cream, and don’t forget tissues for the sad parts!

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