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Top Free Movie and TV alternatives to the Mobdro app

Did you ever hear about this fantastic application that was Mobdro? With no ads nor any viruses, it was as simple as it can get, as you could watch anything you wanted for free in just a few clicks. So what happened to the famous free streaming platform and is there an alternative to Mobdro? Here’s all the info you need neatly organized for your convenience.

Is Mobdro free?

Yes, it’s totally free to use. That being said, there is now a paid version also available. As a matter of fact, the multiple websites using the name Mobdro are not related in any way, shape, or form to the original Mobdro. So while you can still technically find a streaming service with the Mobdro name, you are only using a platform that’s taking advantage of the name, nothing more. Moreover, the APK files won’t work on your smartphone or tablet and could contain viruses or malware, so beware.

Is Mobdro safe?

As previously stated, it was safe and free to use before, as in, a couple of years ago when the platform was still running. However, Mobdro has been taken down because of copyright laws and piracy, and the only websites or applications you will find are just taking advantage of the name.

That doesn’t mean those are unsafe or dangerous, it just means that you would need to be cautious about where you are clicking. Thus why we created this guide for you with all the best Mobdro alternatives currently available on the web.

What happened to Mobdro?

Not that long ago, Premier Leagues bosses brought the Mobdro owner in front of the justice system, and unfortunately for us, they won the case. Mobdro was literally considered the biggest piracy platform in the world, offering their userbase easy and free access to live sports content, movies, TV series, and even music. The court case was brutally concluded as the large-scale pirate platform had gathered a total of 43 million users across the world and had made over 5 million dollars in profit.

Top alternatives Mobdro FREE 2021

Looking for a way to watch sports, movies, and TV shows for free but you don’t want to catch a virus? Here are ou favorite Mobdro alternatives in 2021:

Swift Streamz

With more than 700 TV channels available in many languages, you’ll have plenty of fun with Swift Streamz. It’s easy to use, complete, and most importantly, free! You can use Swift Streams with Fire Stick and Fire TV, or with your Chromecast or any other TV box. Finally, the application is free, yes, but expect to see a couple of commercials during your sessions, as it is ad-supported. That being said, the frequency of the ads is not too intense to a point where it ruins the experience.


The Kodi app lets you watch anime, movies, TV series, for free without any interruption. The huge streaming app is one of the most popular applications and has been under the radar of many lawyers in the past few years. However, it seems that the Kodi app found a loophole, allowing it to serve its userbase without any legal issues, despite its content being totally illegal. Furthermore, the app uses an Openload link inquiry every time you want to watch something, which almost looks like an error message. Needless to say, Kodi is free to use and without any ads nor viruses. You can even watch Netflix’s latest releases such as Squid Game for free.

Pluto TV

The PlutoTV app is available on the Amazon Store, Apple Store, and Google Play Store for free. The service doesn’t require any payment for a subscription plan, but it will show some ads once in a while. Pluto TV is not as complete as Kodi but will do the job as a legitimate streaming platform. So if you don’t want to feel bad watching illegal content, we strongly recommend going for this free streaming service. Pluto TV will allow you to watch on-demand movies and TV shows, as well as many live TV channels.

Ola TV

Ola TV has one of the biggest TV channel libraries, with well over 50 000 live channels, you’re in for a long ride if you want to watch them all! The streaming app works well on pretty much every device you can think of: android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Firestick. The only downfall of Ola TV may be its interface, which is not the prettiest around but does the job.

Redbox TV

The Redbox Live TV streaming platform is well-known for its sleek design and easy-to-use interface. It looks a bit like your standard Netflix app, but offers different tabs like the Free Live TV tab or the Deals tab. The latter is pretty useful if you are looking to sign up for a subscription plan. That’s right, Redbox TV isn’t free, but its APK counterpart is. That said, its legitimacy being constantly in question, we would stay away from that one if you don’t want to take any risk.

Live Net TV

And finally, as our 6th alternative to Mobdro, we have Live Net TV. This free streaming service offers well over 800 TV channels, all divided across 9 different categories. So if you feel like watching cooking, sports, news, or even documentaries, everything is perfectly divided for you to find quickly what you are looking for. What’s more? No purchase required, no registration required, and no monthly plan required. You will be able to watch on-demand movies, and also has built-in support for many media players such as Android Player, MX Player, and XMTV Player. Please note that this application is often updated with the latest TV shows and movie releases, so you won’t miss any of the hottest releases.

In conclusion

We hope this was informative for you and that you found something you like within this Mobdro alternative list. Just be careful when you are navigating free streaming platforms, you don’t want to click on some random ads and put your computer at risk. On that note, enjoy your content and stay safe!

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