Dark mode on Snapchat

Is there a Dark Mode on Snapchat?

If you are wondering how to get dark mode on Snapchat and you have looked everywhere without finding a solution, that is because there is still no such thing as Snapchat dark mode. However, it is not because it doesn’t exist inside the app that you cannot get it. In this article, we will explain you what dark mode means and how you can finally get this dark mode on Snapchat.

What is Snapchat Night Mode?

If you have been looking into dark mode on Snapchat, it probably means you know that there is such a thing as a night mode, on most apps. Snapchat night mode, if it existed, would enable you to rest your eyes by turning all bright colours into dark ones. When you use your mobile phone or your PC at night, with all the lights closed, the bright light coming from the screen can cause pain in your eyes.

Therefore, if you are in bed and trying to look at your favourite social networks, you turn them on into dark mode, so that it helps your vision and prevents pain in your eyes. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have dark mode built-in, so that you can turn it on in the evening and at night time. But Snapchat does not have such an option, and it doesn’t seem like they plan on adding one anytime soon. Therefore, you have to find other ways to protect your eyes, and these solutions do exist.

Why would you Use Snapchat Dark Mode?

As we have just mentioned, when you use an app on dark mode, it makes reading less painful, when you are in an environment with very little or no light at all. You must have experienced that feeling before: It is late in the day, you are reading something on your computer with the white background on, and you start feeling pain and discomfort in your eyes. There is a way, to solve that problem, which is to use dark mode on your PC or mobile phone. This dark mode is usually an option in most apps, so you can turn it on, whenever the lights go down.

Today, most people know that the light brightness on your mobile phone and your PC is one of the processes that eat up most of your battery energy. In day time, it might be quite useful to have the background fully lit, but as the day grows darker, it is good to lower the intensity of the light. That is until it gets fully dark. Then, you should switch to dark mode, moving from a full lit background to white text on a dark background. It will be better for you, and you will save energy from your battery, which is quite practical when you are lying in bed, under the covers and don’t want to get up to plug your phone.

How to Make Snapchat Dark Mode

Since there is no such thing as Snapchat dark mode, you have to make it happen in another way. That is by entering into the settings of your mobile phone and finding the dark mode options. Let us guide you through the process, so you can benefit from night mode the next time you use Snapchat.

Dark Mode on Android Phones

Android phones have adapted well to all the various demands of consumers over time. Regarding dark mode, there are two ways to create it on this operating system. It will depend on the brand you are using, but also the age of your phone. It is even possible, if your mobile is quite old, that you won’t find the option for dark mode. But if it is recent enough, it will be there, in the setting section. You just have to open it and type dark mode in the search bar. Your phone will find it for you. You can turn it on, simply by clicking on it. You will then be able to use Snapchat night mode, as everything on your phone will appear in dark mode. When you want to turn it off, go through the same process again.

The second way to switch to dark mode is by downloading a third-party app, that will let you do so. If you already have dark mode on your phone, don’t bother doing so. Otherwise, it is the only solution left for you. Just go to the Play Store and type dark mode. Download the app, and you are ready to spend the whole night reading and sharing on your social networks.

Dark Mode on iPhone (iOS)

There is no dark mode on iPhone. And unless it has been jailbreaked, you won’t be able to download an app to switch to night mode. If your phone is still under warranty, we don’t suggest that you jailbreak your phone, as it will end it. You can always adjust the colours on your phone by inverting them. You will be able to do so by going into the “Display Accommodations” inside settings.

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