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What are the Top 10 Website Builders?

You want to launch your company, present your art or write a blog, and you want to create your website by yourself? It can be difficult to choose the right website builder, if you don’t know anything about the subject. The following article will help you in your search. After that, all you will have to do is let your imagination run free, which should be the easy part.

First: Find the Right Web Address and Web Hosting Service

Before starting to build your website, you should first determine the address you will use to display it, once it is ready. Will it be a dot com or a dot net? Will you use your company’s name or your own name? Once you have decided, you need to check if the name you chose is available, and then buy your domain’s name. The next thing to do is to find a web hosting provider, where the website will be located, once it is built. Here, it is quite important to make the right choice; if the service is not good, your website might not always be accessible, which could make you lose clients or members.

How to choose the Right Website Builder?

It is a difficult question to answer without knowing your exact needs. Will you be selling products or a service? Will you be presenting your art or write a blog? These are all elements that can affect your choice of website builder differently. However, you should consider choosing one with free trials and free plans. That way, you can judge if the website builder in question really has the qualities and options you need, in order to create your website, exactly as you want it to be, by testing it first.

While doing so, look for answers to the questions below. Once you have answered them, you should choose the website builder that responds best to your overall feeling.

Is the website builder user-friendly? Is the process of creation time-consuming? Do you like working on the platform? Are there more positive or negative elements? Are you happy with the test site you have built?

Whatever you do, don’t just test one. Otherwise, you won’t really be able to answer any of the questions above, since you won’t have anything to compare with. It was difficult for us to chose only ten website builders to start with. There are many out there that are worth noting, even if they don’t have the popularity others have or they did not make it on our list. But it is also a reality that the best known are usually the ones that have the most options, as they have developed themselves through time, taking in account their customers’ demands.

What did We consider when making Our List?

While you will have to choose by asking the questions previously identified, we also had to ask ourselves similar questions before bringing this article to you. Here are the themes we identified and looked into.


The “ease of use” was definitely on top of our list. When you have never built a website and you have no idea where to start, it is better to find a website builder that is organic. If you have to read a lot of instructions before starting, and every time you have to insert something new, you will never come to term with your project or it will not look the way you want it to.


Many of these websites, if not all, offer templates you can start with. But what if you like two different ones? How complicated is it to insert one design into the other? This often has to do with the options that are available to you, as you create the website. Can you have a set of rolling pictures into the middle of your page? A blog, so you can talk to your clients and increase your visibility through better SEO? A good website builder should let you use all their design options on every site you create.


That one is pretty easy to determine. But more than just comparing the final dollars, we looked at how much value you were getting for your money. It’s okay to pay a little more, if what the website builder brings you in return is worth it. That one can be tricky, as it depends on what elements you need to have on your website. But in the end, you can also judge by yourself.


When all is said and done, the most important thing just might be what you get as the end result. Of course, some of it will depend on your originality and your qualities as a creative mind. But it is still easy to compare, since you will have done all tests by yourself. So did we, and we took it in consideration in our final choice of ten.


When you talk about website creation, customer service must include a technical side. It is one thing to be able to support your management needs, but can they answer all technical questions you may have during the creation process? That was one of the main themes we analyzed before making the top 10 list below.


This one tells a lot of the final story. After all, no one can provide a more accurate value of a website builder than the customers using it. We looked at the notes that were given to each, but also the comments that came along. It often told the whole story. If there were 50% of the comments on one particular element, it meant that there was something wrong. If comments were more personal, about the way the client was served, fonts they didn’t like, or not enough pictures to choose from, then it was simply “normal complaints”, which happen on all platforms.

We have used all these categories on over 50 different website builder platforms, to bring you the most interesting ones. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at others. If you have the time, you can do as we did. But time is something we often lack, especially in business, so you can base your search on the ten below, knowing we have done our job attentively.

The 10 best websites builders

Here are our suggestions, with a short description of their main quality. This will already enable you to make a first choice of the ones you would like to test. A selection of three of the ten below should provide you with a sufficient choice. If you don’t like any of the ones you chose, keep going by trying a new one, until you find the right one for your needs.

  • 1&1 IONOS: For international purposes

  • Wix: Easy to use

  • Squarespace: Most creative

  • Weebly: If you use it for a small business

  • Sites123: Best customer service

  • Strikingly: Best deal

  • Duda: Great creative help

  • GoDaddy: For those in a hurry

  • For bloggers

  • Jimdo Creator: Inexpensive

Building a website is not for everyone. You need an artistic mind, while you still have to be practical, thinking of everything that needs to be inserted to start it the perfect way, for your future SEO campaigns. If you feel you have it in you, one of the website builders above should help you get the best results possible.

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