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DHCP-IPAM-DNS appliances : Optimise your network infrastructure management

Today’s companies are more connected which increases the complexity of their network infrastructure. As they are dealing with a growing competition, an investment into new solutions needs to be done to enhance the management and the efficiency of DHCP-IPAM-DNS appliances.

The evolution of today’s companies situation

Due to the increasing number of connected devices, the network management becomes more difficult and complex for IT administrators. Managing all IP addresses manually is becoming an error-prone process. Using a spreadsheet to relocate IP addresses and to have a global network overview is today unworkable.

Several reasons prove that implementing a DDI solution  to manage DHCP-IPAM-DNS appliances is essential:

  • More IP addresses are now available due to the transition to IPv6. Indeed, almost 3 trillions will be released. Preparing a strong network foundation is crucial to ensure a smooth transition and also the management of those many new connected devices.
  • Cyberattacks are evolving and becoming more sophisticated everyday. Protecting your system by increasing the security of your DNS server is no longer an option but a need. Attacks such as DNS tunneling or DDoS attack are more frequent and can create negative consequences such as data thefts. Focusing on your DNS security is a priority.
  • Organizations need to stay as competitive as possible. Nowadays, offering a high-quality product is not the only condition to be first on the market. In order to achieve that, the network infrastructure is at the heart of the succes in order to ensure a good quality of service and continuous productivity, the security and the efficiency of a company. That’s why investing in a DDI solution is so important.

The main contribution that DDI solutions can bring to your business is: the automation. This tool is time-saving because it will centralise the tasks between DNS, DHCP servers and IPAM. It turns several steps and tasks into one single process. More information on this website:

DHCP-IPAM-DNS appliances & DDI solutions: Two inseparable elements.

Automating DHCP & DNS appliances and the IP management will contribute to increase the activity of your company by optimising its organisation as they represent the 3 basic elements of your network infrastructure.

Implementing DDI solutions in your system will create immediate benefits. The following aspects will be added to your system:

  • Security: It prevents from internal and external cyberattacks against your DNS appliance in critical to ensure your data’s security. It also provides error-free configurations.
  • Visibility: allowing IT administrators to have a global view on the network. It is easier to provide accurate analyses and reports on the current status of your network.
  • Delegation: Automating the management offers the possibility to delegate small tasks in order to facilitate the teamwork.
  • Agility: It will add a better work flow to your network.

A survey, made by EfficientIP in 2017, about the ROI (return on investment) on using a DDI solution showed impressive results. Indeed, the integration of DNS/DHCP and IPAM plus automation produces an ROI of up to 193%.

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