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How To Bring Back The Volume Icon On Windows 7, 8 Or 10?

Did it happen to you too? Coming back late at night and starting your computer, which starts to play the very loud the music of the film you never finished the day before and, with no apprearant reason, finding that the volume icon has disappeared from the task bar? Well, it happened to many of our readers so if ever it happens to you one day, we have looked for some solutions on how to re-establish it for you. Note that these processes are similar on Windows 7 and 8 as well, if you are part of the last resistants who still use it…

Re-Activate Volume Icon Via Control Panel

First, we will check if you can re-activate the volume icon the normal way. Just try this :

  • Open the Control Pannel,
  • Choose Appearance and Personalisation,
  • Select Taskbar and Navigation,
  • Clic on Customise (Icons on) the Taskbar.

Here, you might not find the icon volume in the list, but don’t panick, this isn’t a problem. Just clic on Activate or Desactivate System Icons. You will then be able to personalise the display of your taskbar. Shamefully, this option doesn’t work all the time as some options may be locked. If this is the case for your volume icon, then just give a try to the next process.

Re-Start Windows Explorer Task In Task Manager

So if the first try didn’t work, here is what will certainly work :

  • Open any Explorer window (Windows key + E),
  • Open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del or right clic on the task bar, and Open the Task Manager),
  • Clic on the Processes tab,
  • Look for the task named Explorer.exe,
  • Clic on it, then on Stop the Process and validate.

At this point, your taskbar should disappear. Again, do not panick, this is part of the process. You just need to follow a couple more steps in order to get your volume icon back.

  • In the Task Manager, go back to the Applications tab,
  • Clic on New Task,
  • Hand type Explorer.exe,
  • Validate.

Your entire task bar should reappear, with all the original options with it, including your volume icon. That the time is still right. Some say it showeds 1 hour forth because of the time switch happening not long before.

So now, tell us: did it work for you? Which solution did you try? Is there any other problem you would like us to find solutions too? Please share, we would love to help!

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