Using iTube Studio to download music and listent to it anywhere

iTube Studio for Mac: The Best Video Downloader and Converter

You are tired of wasting all of your phone plan’s internet on watching videos on your smartphone? This is probably because, as many, you are not aware that certain apps allow you to download your videos for free directly from the website you are watching them on, in order to store them and watch them later. This way, you may download any video from the internet on your computer, through a Wi-Fi connection, while you are at home for example, and then load them on your phone to watch them at any time without having to use your internet connection. If your computer is a Mac, the bast app for that is definitely iTube Studio.

Downloading Any Video Directly From The Internet

With iTube Studio, you now have the possibility to download any video for free directly from the platform you are watching it on, may it be YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook or any other video streaming website. There are three ways of proceeding:

  • While watching the video, you can simply click on the download button, which will launch the download without any other step to follow.
  • Also, you may copy and paste the URL of the video directly in the app, which will also launch the download.
  • Finally, you can also drag the URL of the video in the app to start the download.

In any case, downloading a video from any platform thanks to the iTube Studio App is just as simple as that. Also, this app provides you with download speeds that exceeds that of other similar apps by as much as three times. Thanks to it, users can even download 4K and full HD videos on their Mac. And it is free!

Is The Application Available For Other Devices?

Well, no. The aim of the iTube Studio app is to be able to download videos on your computer to watch them later, either on your phone or another device. It is actually to heavy to be supported by a phone or a tablet. That is why is it not available for iPhone or iPad, but just for Mac computers.

Is The Video Format Compatible? Do I Need To Convert Files?

This is a good question, and the answer is “yes”. You may think that the app is not that good in the end, but be reassured, the app also provides you with the converter you need to convert your videos downloaded on your Mac into a format compatible with your other Apple devices. For this, you simply have to click on the appropriate convert button, depending on which device you want it to be red with.

One may wonder why the video is not directly converted into an appropriate format, but this would mean that the video could then be read only on one device. This way, you can choose to leave them in the first format, which is compatible with your computer, or convert them into the chosen format to watch them later on your iPhone or other chosen devices.

What About Android OS?

Although the best way to use the app is on a Mac in order to download music for an iOS device (preferably the iOS 10 version), there is indeed a modified version of the app that is compatible with PCs, leading to downloaded and converted videos compatible with Android OS: it is called iTube APK iOS (APK being a format making iOS apps compatible with Android OS). It is not totally the same as the original iTube Studio App, but it is the best alternative to those using Android phones.

Where Can I Get The App?

If you are convinced by the benefits of the app, you may download it online:

  • For iOS: the original app is not available in the iTunes store but you can get it from its official website.
  • For Android OS: if you search for the app on Google, you will find this website which offers the iTube APK iOS.

Note that the iTune Downloader supports iOS 5 and up, Android 2.0 to 8.0, and iPod OS 1.0 and 2.0.

One Comment

  • Many of the users have certain extra requirements while using a particular product. In today‚Äôs world, YouTube is not just a product but a brand. For the specific flaws in YouTube, there is an alternative called iTube Pro APK Youtube Video Downloader.

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