Chosing an ISP around the globe

How To Find A Top Internet Service Provider Around The Globe?

If you just moved to a new country, you probably are looking for the best ISP (Internet Service Provider) there. But depending on your needs – internet type, for home or mobile, prepaid or postpaid, bundles and packages, broadband cable and fiber optic, wireless (wifi), landline… – and the qualities you are looking for – fast connection, cheap subscription, reliable company, unlimited connection… – you will find that the best deals and plans are not the same. Here are some advices to find a good ISP wherever you are around the globe.

Define Your Needs

First of all you have to define your needs. Your choice will definitely not be the same if you are looking for a broadband package with a landline number or just a high-speed internet connection for your mobile wifi. Here are some of the criteria you have to consider.

For Mobile Or For Home

First question you have to ask yourself is if you need a plan for your home or for your mobile. If you are looking for a mobile plan, then you will have to look at the quality of the wifi and the type of connection (3G or 4G). On the other hand, if you are more looking into subscribing a plan for your home internet, then you will have to consider a few additional things.

Broadband Cable Or Fiber Optic: What Internet Type?

Choosing your internet type will mainly depend on if you want TV with your plan or not. If yes, then you probably wish for the fastest service provider as possible so that your movie do not freeze while you are watching. But if not, you probably do not need cable or optical fiber, a basic subsciption is probably fast enough. And remember, it’s not only the speed of your connection that imports, but also the quality of your computer. The most high-speed service will not be of any help if you have a crappy computer.

Home: Do You Need A Landline?

Then ask yourself if you need a landline. Most of home internet plans include one, now that internet companies manage to provide landline service using wireless connection.

Mobile: Do You Need Unlimited?

Nowadays, most mobile plans are unlimited. But if you are still part of the very few people who still own an old phone without internet connection and wifi, then have a look into limited internet offers. They are usually cheaper than unlimited ones. And same way as internet for computers, a good and fast connection will be of no help with a crappy phone.

Are Bundles And Packages A Good Deal?

If your are looking for an ISP both for home and mobile, then you might have better looking into bundles and packages. If you don’t have any specific needs, they are probably interesting financially speaking, as they are made to fit the most diverse customers as possible. But if you look for a service quality in particular and that your needs get off the beaten tracks, then you might have to separate your ISP for home and the one for mobile.

Prepaid Or Postpaid?

Finally you can ask youself, depending on how you deal with your budget, if a prepaid or a postpaid plan is best for you. It will not change anything to your connection, but it would be a shame to find your number one deal and eventually not be able to pay for it because it does not suits your financial habits.

Biggest But Not The Best; Cheapest But Not The Most Reliable

When looking for the top ISP, wherever you are around the globe and whatever your needs are, just do not let yourself being fooled by maketing. The biggest provider is usually not the best, and the cheapest is usually not the most reliable. Usually, the leading companies will provide you with a very good reliability but not with the cheapest deals, as the most popular ones will offer cheap plans but a crappy speed. Yours to decide if price is more important to you than customer service.

Hotline And Contact Number

If you are looking for a company providing a decent customer service and technical support, one very important thing when choosing your internet service provider is to check if they have a hotline or a contact number. One of the most common question asked on the internet about ISPs is their contact number. Often cheap companies just do not have one. They let you find out on your own.

Comparison And Customer Reviews

Now your needs are clear, you may start to compare different offers. First choose your internet service provider, then look for the specific deal you need amongst the ones it has to offer. Best way to make your mind is to use a comparison website and criss-cross the information you will find with customers reviews. A review is worth way more than any ad or marketing incentive. Check reviews and rankings websites where each provider and offer will be rated. That is the best way to know if previous customers were satisfied and will help you chose the best deal for you.

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