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South African Women More And More Into Online Gambling

According to non-profit organization South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF), as much as 51% of South African women would gamble regularly. A figure which has caused suprise by some in the sub-Saharan African nations. Some even speak about particular problem gambling dangers for females. but why is gambling so dangerous? Are females more subject to those problems? Here are some answers to your questions.

Why Women Prefer Onling Gambling ?

Online gambling, also called remote gambling, i. e. not in a land-based venue, seems to gain popularity amongst South African women. Why is that ? SARGF’s treatment and counseling manager Heidi Sinclair has got into deep psychology to answer this question.

According to her, female gamblers are getting more involved in online gambling because they would find it safer as opposed to frequenting land based venues. They also seem to enjoy playing games that require less strategies. These include online slots machines and bingo, for example.

Why Are They More Subject To Problem Gambling Dangers ?

Professor Sinclair also noted that while female gamblers enjoy the thrills that come with winning, they also suffer more psychological issues when losing compared to men. On a long term basis, this would lead them to clinical anger issues, intimate partner violence, impulsiveness, alcohol and substance abuse.

According to her, most lady gamblers experience intense anxiety, which is typical of the condition, which is most often accompanied by other disorders. “But while this may take the form of psychological issues with women, male gamblers usually often present with alcoholism or drug addiction,” she noted.

How To Avoid These Dangers?

Let us remind that like any addiction, the problem is not the substance or the habit itself, but the fact that we forget about the rest of our lives aside. Gambling is not considered as a problem until one falls into drugs or alcohol. but that only happens if you don’t have a strict healthy way of life. there are many people who have a job, do sport every day, eat healthy and gamble sometimes. Those people never have a problem with gambling.

So if you have a problem with gambling, feel like you are starting to have one or are considering starting gambling for times to times, then just do not forget to push yourself on keeping good and healthy habits on side. This way you should not suffer from any trouble with gambling. And if you still feel at risk, do not hesitate to ask help from SARGF or the National Gambling Board, they are here to help you more than anyone else.

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