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How New Technology is helping the Construction Industry

Technology is entering into all industry sectors, and that includes construction. In fact, in the last decades, it has come to helped managers and workers do their job more easily and in a safer manner. Here are a few ways in which technology has helped the construction industry and still continues to do so.

Time Lapse Cameras: A Tool to help manage Construction Site

Distance is a problem that is much less important these days, in regards to construction sites and the people involved in the project. That is because they can be kept informed, on a constant basis, on the work being done and the progress of the structure. Through pictures taken at regular intervals and transferred via wi-fi through a software, everyone involved can get the latest information, no matter where they are located in the world. All they need to do to benefit from such an amazing service, is to place a time lapse camera on the construction site before they start the work and let it take pictures throughout the whole process. And as a bonus, in the end, the time lapse camera will have created a video in fast forward of how the house/building was raised from the ground, which can be used for marketing purposes.

Protection of Workers through VR and AR Training Programs

Working on a construction site is not as easy as it may seem from the outside. Workers need to go through training first. But if they have to do it for real, they still may get hurt, even if it is just training. That is why programs were created for construction workers to start learning without using real tools. Through AR and VR programs, they go through simulations, just as if they were on a real construction site. During these sessions, they are asked to proceed with tasks that they will have to do in real life. However, if the person was to do something wrong, that could cause him harm in real life, it is only the machine that will tell him that he got hurt. AR and VR can really build environments that are similar if not exactly alike to the ones where workers will have to perform later on, which makes it the perfect training tool, in full safety.

3D Printing can save Time and Money

3D printing has become more popular in the last few years. That is partly because the technology is getting better. You can build the whole structure of a house through 3D printing, in 2022. Architects have started to work with software in which they enter the information, for the machine to be able to print what they draw on plans. It makes it simpler to put up the walls on site, and it saves money, as less workers are needed. That is also why it works great for locations that could put people at risk, if they were to be working on a house. For example, a machine can build a refuge for sick people, without needing humans to go on site. A last example to show how 3D printing has grown: Tests are currently done to build houses on Mars (once they get there) by using a 3D printing machine and the soil of the red planet.

There are many more new technologies used on construction sites. One of them is clothes and accessories worn by workers, that are made to resist to all the dangers that could cause them harm. They even contain sensors that warn them, so they can avoid an accident. Construction sites are now also equipped with these sensors as well, so that everything on site can flow easily and safely. That is how much construction sites have benefited from technological innovations, already.

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