Technology Trends For 2020 That Pack A Punch

Technology is now, and will forever be fast-moving and innovative. The fast evolution of science and technology has a direct impact on the acceleration of changes in business and for the public. It is more beneficial when it comes to science and technology that we keep one eye on the future. The trends that are set to make a significant impact in 2020, and beyond, are:

Machine Learning

Machine learning is fascinating in and of itself. The ability to build a computer that can ‘think’ or ‘learn’ has been valuable to many industries. Machine learning is a subset of AI. However, it goes much deeper than artificial intelligence. Machine learning a focuses on developing computer programs that can learn by themselvesby gathering and learning from a companie’s data. Some applications we already see, and will see more and more, are:

  • Predictions
  • Learning association
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Image processing

A system built on machine learning algorithms will have the ability to learn from historical data and past experiences to make the most accurate predictions and enabling real data-driven decision making. The machine learning market is expected to grow by $8.81 billion by 2020.


The Internet of Things isn’t new, but it is rapidly expanding. It is expected that throughout 2020, there will be over 30 billion IoT devices. Cars, security, and home appliances are all connected to our own WiFi networks already. Consumers are reaping the benefits of this technology on a daily basis. However, businesses are now using IoT more often than ever and implement it into their daily structures. Medical care, predictive maintenance, better use of data, and improved customer services are just a few areas where the IoT comes into its own. The trends you are likely to see are more compatible items, more connectivity, and as it progresses, more affordable products that a larger quantity of people can afford.


Huge research projects that were undertaken are likely to have an impact on the nanotechnology landscape in 2020. We will see changes and implementation in nano-optics, nanoplasmonics, nanobubbles (impregnated materials which give better conduction), and new computing systems, to name but a few. Something that is eagerly anticipated is graphene and other 2D materials on a wider scale. And if you really love nanotechnology, then watch out for organic nanostructures and the impact of substrates on polymer growth.

VR and AR

It would be remissed to talk about what we are likely to see in 2020 and not mention virtual reality and augmented reality. VR is where a user is immersed in the environment, and AR enhances the environment with additions (see in simple phone apps and games on a smaller level). VR is beginning to be implemented in sectors like commercial construction and training in the Army, Coast Guards, and U.S Navy. We are likely to see both VR and AR combined and put to use in training surgeons, museum tours, educational purposes, and enhancing the marketing abilities of global companies.

Technology evolves and changes incredibly quickly, and we are likely to see some amazing progress and innovations in 2020.


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