Internet of Things

Ways in Which IoT Devices Can Enhance A Business Office

Did you know that internet-connected devices coupled with automation can contribute to a more connected and happier workplace? IoT is a developing infrastructure comprising of internet-enabled items ranging from light bulbs to vacuum cleaners. These are devices aimed at enhancing data collection, automation, and control, both at home and in the workplace. If used appropriately, IoT can pan out to be very beneficial to any business setup. If you are not sure how to use it, you may consider the few ideas below.

Use IoT Printers to Track Maintenance

Many modern offices have already become accustomed to using internet-connected printers. However, there is a new generation of printers that are being introduced into the marketplace. It is a generation that will facilitate much more than network printing. The Internet of Things generation of printers are in a position to monitor ink and printing paper levels and warn the users if the supply is getting too low.

In addition, these printers can also be connected to inventory systems allowing them to request for supply of additional printing ink and papers without requiring human intervention. With these devices, you never have to wait for your supplier to deliver the toner cartridge again.

Allow Intelligent Lighting Using Smart Bulbs

Business managers can use intelligent lighting in a number of ways to help make the office more efficient. Efficient smart bulbs are able to easily learn user schedules making it unnecessary to install motion sensors in the office. Office managers can also opt to install multicolored bulbs which have been set to balance color and adjust the brightness levels the whole day.

This is in addition to minimizing discomfort, stress, and eye strain. While the initial purchase is likely to be expensive, the bulbs are likely to come with good warranties and will also last for a very long time.

Use Smart Assistants to Promote Office Awareness

Cortana and Alexa are examples of smart assistants that can prove beneficial when it comes to managing your daily schedules. However, the two smart assistants currently lack business-level organization features. It is the reason why there are newer and more advanced professional assistants such as Alexa for Business.

This high-level system is able to sync up with an entire office filled with all kinds of IoT devices. It is a system that is capable of providing a series of functions such as day-to-day weather reports to tracking meeting reports.

Replacing Custodial Staff with Smart Vacuums

Custodial staff tends to vary in terms of the services that your company needs. They can be required to offer cleaning services, a certain type of disruption, or to offer security services. While the custodial staff is necessary, they can also be quite expensive. It is possible for your office to maintain cleanliness and save money using a robotic vacuum.

Thanks to the power of IoT, the robotic vacuum can even send you a message when it becomes full and needs to have its contents emptied for it to resume its work.

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