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Top 3 Best Android Call & SMS Blocker Free Apps

Today, we receive every day an incredible amount of unwanted calls, be it mistakes, spams, marketing or sales calls, unwanted or private numbers… These calls are very annoying in everyday life, and even more during a business meeting. If you are tired of receiving these calls, know that there are solutions to reject them automatically, without even having to get your phone out of your pocket. Android inbuilt blacklist or call and SMS blocking apps, here are the best free solutions to filter your private calls and messages.

Android Inbuilt Black List

Blacklist, call blocker, filter, rejector… All these terms means the same thing: they are softwares that allow you to stop unwanted private calls or text automatically. The easiest option is to use the inbuilt blocklist in your Android phone. Most of them have one. It allows you to enter a phone number that you wish to to respond to at any time. the next phone calls from this number will then be blocked, which means they won’t show up on your phone.

But be careful to make a proper difference between call you will never want to take – such as sales calls, which you can add to your blacklist – and moments when you just don’t want to answer your phone, like during a meeting. In this last case, then you might just want to switch off your phone. Obviously if your mums call during a meeting, you don’t want to answer, but you do want to get her calls the rest of the time. Got it ?

Why Using A Blocking App?

The thing with inbuilt call rejectors is that their feature is usually not sufficient to block calls smartly. As a result, you might have better using one of the hundreds of external software app that will allow you not only to set up a blacklist in order to block calls and texts from certain numbers, but also set times for the call filter or even set up a whitelist, which is a list of numbers you will always want to answer to, like your kids’ ones, in case of emergency. For this purpose, we have searched for you the 3 best Android call & SMS blocker free apps.

Top 3 Best Android Call & SMS Blocker Free Apps

For this purpose, we have searched for you the 3 best Android call & SMS blocker free apps.

Mr. Number – Calls And Spam Filter App

Why is Mr.Number the best call blocker app? Because not only it allows you to create a blacklist of unwanted private calls and messages, but also because it contains a smart filter that detects and rejects spam and fraud calls. It also includes numerous features such as an option to warn your contacts in case of spam and fraud calls, or an automatic caller lookup for all numbers allowing you to filter a number by checking the list.

Call Blacklist: Basic Call And Text Rejector App

Call Blacklist is also very popular across the world with 25 million trusted users and a very good ratings. This app is powerful and very easy to use. It contains all the basic features you may expect from a call and text rejector: create a blacklist, a whitelist, set a timer, control unknown, private or hidden numbers, and also save a list – black or white – and turn on/off hte functionalities of the app at any time.

Blacklist Plus: Advanced Calls And Messages Control App

If you’re looking for a more advanced call and text blocker, then we recommand Blacklist Plus. With this app, you can make the most of all the basic features of any call blocker – blacklist, whitelist, time setter, ON/OFF mode, unwanted, personal, private and hidden numbers filter -, but also block a whole range of any phone numbers that begin with certain digits. Of course you can access the historic of blocked calls and messages. You also have the possibility to set a password protection to lock the blocklist in order to keep it private in case of stolen phone. Best feature is, you can choose between 4 blocking modes, which are “Blacklist”, “All except whitelist”, “All except contacts” and “All numbers”, regarding on how free from calls you wish to be.

All these apps are available for download from the Google Play Store. We hope this article help you find peace and quiet during times you need it most ! If you have any experience or other calls blocking apps to mention, any comment is welcome.

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