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How To Download YouTube Streaming Videos For Free?

Downloading a video on the internet, may it be from YouTube, Megavideo, Twitvid, Tudou or else any video streaming websites, might be a nightmare if you don’t know how to procede. If you are a computer genius, you may as well crack the website code, but not anyone has this capacity. For all those, know that there is a simpler way to download streaming video from the internet for free. Here is how it works.

How To Choose A Good Streaming Download Program

If you don’t have the intellectual requirements to crack a streaming website code in order to download some of its videos – don’t worry, not so many people are able to do it -, then you might as well use a special downloading program that will enable you to download any streaming video from one of the numerous websites that offer this service: YouTube, Megavideo, Twitvid, Tudou and so on.

Searching on the internet, you may find a pretty good amount of this kind of special downloaders, many called something as “Free Youtube Downloader”. But be warned: many of these programs do not allow downloading from more than one website, or do not allow downloading in more than one type of video extension (avi, mkv, mp4…), or just do not work at all.

In order to choose a good streaming download program, you need to select one that will allow you at least four types of file download to choose from. If you don’t have any program that will give you high quality videos, then we recommand to use flv2mp3 program.

Flv2mp3: One Free Streaming Downloader

If we recommand this program, it’s because it’s probably one of the easiest to use. You can either use it online or, if you have a big amount of videos to download or if you download streaming video regularly, you may also download the program on your computer to use it offline.

Online Use

Just type in your web browser the URL “” to enter the website. Then, in the “URL download” box at the top of the page, paste the video URL, may it be from YouTube or any other streaming website. Click “Download”. After a short time, the video download manager will give various quality types of download. Choose the video quality type that suits you the best and click “Run”. Here are the different options you will be able to choose from :

  • 3GP ‹‹ – Low Quality – 176×144
  • 3GP ‹‹ – Medium Quality – 176×144
  • 3GP ‹‹ – High Quality – 320×240
  • FLV ‹‹ – Low Quality – 400×226
  • FLV ‹‹ – Medium Quality – 640×360
  • FLV ‹‹ – High Quality – 854×480
  • MP4 ‹‹ – High Quality – 480×360

Offline Use

The offline use is exactly the same as online use, left alone the fact that you have to download the program. Again, type in your web browser the URL “” to enter the website. Then, instead of directly copying the URL of the video you wish to download in the “URL download” box, click on “Download converter for free”. Follow the instructions to install the program on your computer. Once the process is completed, open the program and use it the same way you would use it online.

Mobile Use

Just for you to know, flv2mp3 is also available on mobiles and other gadgets. Just access the website from your smartphone and follow the “Online use” process.

We hope this article helped you to download freely and safely your streaming videos from the internet. If would like to know more about flv2mp3 efficiency, you can check reviews on the internet. If you’re not convinced yet, you may also want to try Tuberipper or KeepVid, which are two other programs that will allow you to download any streaming videos from the web.

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