best file transfert applications

What are the best file sharing applications?

File sharing applications are an important part of most businesses. When you need to transfer important documents, you don’t want to do so on an unsecure channel. Since most company emails don’t offer the security that a file sharing applications provide, it becomes a risk that is not worth taking, as there is an easy solution to it. Now that we know it is better to use a file sharing app, which ones are the best on the market today? Here are some that you should definitely look into.

One of the most important elements to consider when choosing a file sharing app, is what you intend to use it for. If your company sells documents, then the choice becomes easy: In only three steps, you can get your file on your customer’s computers, while receiving payment for it. Once you have created your account, you can upload the files that you want. To share them with your customers, you first need to put a price on them. To download them, the buyer will need to make the payment. Otherwise, they won’t receive the document. But once they acquire it, you will automatically get the money in your bank account. It can’t get any easier than this.


Something has to be said about established apps. That is certainly the case with Dropbox, a company that has been around for many years, already. It aims to ease the live of professionals by enabling them to share and store files. They are being positioned on a secure server, from which all individuals with the credentials to do so, can access them. They are best known for their file storage capacities, but also as a great backup solution.


For those who are looking for a file sharing app that will provide a little more, Proofhub might be a solution to look into. What it really is, is a centralized file management. It has the benefit of being able to integrate the most popular third-party file management apps on the market, the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox, which we already mentioned before. This app is great for projects and files management. It will also let you do a multitude of other tasks, such as taking notes, create reports or track your working hours.


It would be hard for anyone not to know OneDrive. It is one of the most used file sharing apps in the world. It is mostly used as a cloud-based hub for companies to store and share their files between employees. The only other drive that has the same popularity is Google Drive. It is the best tool for those who only swear by Windows, as it is owned by none other than the Microsoft Corporation. This said, it is also compatible with Mac computers.


One of the very first file sharing software were specifically created to send large files, as many companies emails wouldn’t allow it. TransferBigFiles is certainly the best-known, as it specializes in this specific task, but Hightail will also do the work, just fine. You can then access the files directly on the app and make modifications to them while they are stored there. It is a great tool for people who are always on the go. The fact that it offers unlimited storage is much appreciated by those who work with large files, such as video and other types of high-res images.

To conclude, let us remind the readers that there are four elements they should consider primarily, when choosing their file sharing app: its convenience, its cost, how it helps them manage their time and the security it provides their company and the employees. After, you should start looking at specifics, which we have already described for each of the above.

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