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What is Chat GPT?

With all the talks about ChatGPT, those who haven’t looked into it yet may be curious to understand what it is, how it works, and what it does. In this article, we will try to provide the basic information on this new tool that many content creators have already started to use, on a regular basis.

Definition of ChatGPT

The simple answer to what ChatGPT is: An AI chatbot. It uses NPL (Natural Language Processing) to accomplish its task, which it delivers in the form of written response in a chat. It can also create images and videos. It was first built to be used on websites and other communication channels as chatbots. They were meant to service customers that had questions about products, services or the company itself. ChatGPT is meant to learn its data from textbooks, articles and any documents that it may have access to, digitally. In the end, it is meant to answer requests from humans on given topics.

How does it work?

ChatGPT uses NLP to accumulate data. That is why it is possible to create your own chatbot, by giving it access to the information that it will have to deal with. For example, if you have a company and you are looking for your chatbot to answer queries on your products and services, you will enter all the documents that relate to them inside it. It will then use them as a source to answer correctly to customers.

However, for ChatGPT to be able to respond fluently to questions, it had to go through a training period. After having inserted all the data inside the AI, humans handled the task of fine-tuning the responses that it gave. To do so, they conversed with ChatGPT, both as the side asking questions and the one providing the answers. In this way, the machine was able to learn as well as being the teacher. At the same time, humans found out the errors that were coming up, as they tested the AI and corrected the information by letting it know what the right response what.

Adjusting Itself Along the way

When ChatGPT starts being used by individuals, its knowledge is already inside it. It means that it doesn’t go online to search for the answer to the question that you made, but only in its own database. However, this doesn’t mean that it stops learning. On the contrary, it uses the information that it gathers in the conversations (chats) that it has with humans, in order to increase its global knowledge and to make it more precise. It is an important part of ChatGPT, as it can still provide answers that don’t seem to make sense, every once in a while. Using the millions of conversation that it has with users in order to perfect is knowledge is therefore necessary to become the best and most trusted source available.

What Tasks can ChatGPT be used for?

There are many things that can be accomplished through the use of ChatGPT and they are also quite diverse. Even though it is known for creating text content, it can also write code or come up with a picture, an image or a video. It will imagine it by gathering information, and mixing it to produce its own creations. Most of the time, ChatGPT is used as a chatbot, which was its original objective. Now, more and more people use it to converse or as a virtual assistant. It can also write an article for a blog or come up with a social media post, draft a business plan, and even write the lyrics and the music to songs.

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