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Where’s the Weather Channel on DirecTV

In the 80s or 90s, tuning in to a weather channel was nothing to get excited about. You had a map, a person pointing at the map, talking about the weather, and that was pretty much it. Nowadays, however, we have access to so many great TV channels: sports, documentaries, TV news, on-demand movies, and TV series. But what about the Weather Channel on DirecTV? Is it really worth subscribing to? And most importantly, how to use it?

A Quick Overview of DirecTV

To start with, if you are wondering what are the subscription plans available on DirecTV, here’s a little rundown to show you exactly what kind of price you can expect for their satellite TV packages:

  • CHOICE™ $69.99
  • XTRA™ $79.99
  • ULTIMATE™ $84.99
  • PREMIER™ $134.99

It is worth noting that the installation will require an appointment with a technician that will install a satellite dish somewhere around your home. The service, on the other hand, roughly includes around 160 TV channels. Some of them are included only at a certain tier package, while others are included with all the different DirecTV subscription plans.

Which subscription plan to get on DirecTV for the Weather Channel?

To get the Weather Channel on DirecTV, you will need to subscribe to the CHOICE Package or anything above. In other words, the basic ENTERTAINMENT plan does not include the Weather Channel, unfortunately. Direct TV Choice Subscription Plan costs $69.99, which is like $5 more than the ENTERTAINMENT plan. For $5 extra, you get a couple of interesting additional channels, so it’s worth the investment.

DirecTV Vs Cable TV – Which one is better?

The eternal war between satellite and cable TV is still a matter of perspective, in the end. Whether or not you like satellite TV providers, we have to admit that being able to watch international TV channels in the comfort of your living room is always a nice perk to have. That being said, if you’re more into local channels and local news, then cable TV is probably better suited to your needs.

What number for DirecTV Weather Channel?

To quickly access the weather channel, just enter channel number 362 on your TV remote. Moreover, you can access this channel through the Guide Menu by pressing the Guide button on your DirecTV remote).

How to get local weather on the Weather Channel from DirecTV?

If it’s your first time using DirecTV or that you need a few tips on how to use this service, here’s a little step-by-step guide:

  • Power on your smart TV while making sure that your DirecTV dish is up and running.
  • With the DirecTV remote, press the Guide button to see the different channels available.
  • Next, scroll all the way to number 362, which is our beloved The Weather Channel number.
  • Finally, you can press the Select button on the remote to access The Weather Channel.

Please, take note that this channel might not be available if you didn’t purchase the CHOICE package or any of the packages above. Additionally, know that you can simply press the numbers (362) on your remote control to access the channel directly.

Can I get the Weather Channel alone on DirecTV?

Unfortunately no, the Weather Channel is only available for the CHOICE Subscription plan and the other sub-plans above it. However, it is possible to purchase the Weather Channel on Sling TV, on Local Now (owned by The Weather Channel), and soon on YouTube TV.

What are the best TV series available on the Weather Channel?

If you are looking for an overall idea of what’s available on the Weather Channel, here are a few shows we think you might like:

  • Strangest Weather on Earth
    This is one of the best shows on DirecTV Weather Channel, it will throw you straight into the heart of the most intense weather conditions in the world.
  • Hurricane 360
    Destruction, fear, disasters, all of these things are awaiting in this show entirely dedicated to hurricanes.
  • American Super/Natural
    If you like science stuff, then this show is made for you! It will tell you everything you need to know about scientific facts and discoveries that were found throughout our history.
  • Highway Thru Hell
    Did you ever hear about the most dangerous highway in the world? The Coquihalla Highway is the cause of thousands of deaths and accidents, and this show is filming all of it for you to see.
  • Secrets of the Earth
    If you want something that’s relaxed and calm, may we suggest Secrets of the Earth? It’s a beautiful show with amazing sceneries and interesting facts about our planet and nature.
  • AMHQ
    Are you an early kind of bird? For all your weather information in the early hours of your morning, you can tune in to AMHQ.
  • So You Think You’d Survive?
    And finally, another intense show where the camera crew brings you with them through rough weather conditions.

Why did the weather channel website change?

In 2016, it is important to know that the Weather Channel was entirely sold to IBM. Furthermore, all of their digital assets were sold, causing the television operation to change its web address to You can still go to the original website,, but the content is dedicated to a wider audience and more focused on the weather itself across the globe. Also, you will be greeted by a blue header that reads: The Weather Channel – An IBM Business. Well, that’s pretty clear!

If you go to the new web address, however, you will be able to consult all the news related to the TV series that are available on the Weather Channel, such as the 2020 Hurricane show for example. All in all, if you want any info about the content of the Weather Channel, may we invite you to go to the new address

In Conclusion

With more than 80 000 subscribers on a yearly basis, it is clear that the Weather Channel is doing something right. With a large array of fun and interesting series, mixed in with the 160 additional channels on DirecTV, it is hard to ignore the deals that this service has to offer.

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