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How can Email Verification Improve Your Email Marketing Results?

Those that have deserted email marketing campaigns, to concentrate solely on SEO strategies as well as social media, are losing an important part of their digital marketing capacity. That is because emailing remains one of the most profitable online marketing strategies in terms of ROI. However, it is important to use email verification, in order to improve those campaigns. Here is why.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Kings of ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most crucial data that you need to be aware of, in marketing. The highest the ROI, the more efficient your strategies are. Since time is also money, you will need to spend more time on campaigns that raise your ROI. An eMarketer study has shown that the average email marketing campaign will reach a 122% ROI. That is not only really high, it is also four times more than any other digital marketing channel you could use. For that simple reason, all companies need to build around that digital strategy, in order to get better results online, but it is not the only reason why. Check out this website for more marketing tips to unlock the inbox of potential customers.

Increasing your ROI through Email Verification

If you want to fully benefit from this ROI, you need to go through email verification, though. It is pointless to have a huge list of emails to send to, if they are outdated or useless. In fact, it can make things worse, as people will consider you as spam, and it will affect your image online. Email validation enables you to delete or correct inaccurate and obsolete mails, saving you time and money. Also, a bulk use of emails simply doesn’t reach the need of the people receiving them, which in the end is the only objective a company should have in mind, other than when it is creating marketing campaigns aiming for notoriety purposes only.

How can you tell if your Email Campaigns are working?

There are red lights that should make you question the validity of your email list. Every time you send out content, you should take a look at various indicators that will inform you on the efficiency of the message, but also of the emails themselves. If you are sending out your 8th campaign, and the number of people looking at your website keeps going down, then you know you have to review the list. It can also be caused by the fact that you have nothing new to say, and so, people don’t bother taking the time to learn more. If that is the case, you need to revisit your marketing strategy as a whole.

The four main red flags you should look for, after completing an email campaign, are: Website traffic, increasing sales, raising brand awareness, and lead nurturing. If any of those four does not grow at all, then there is an issue with your list and your content. Either your correspondents simply don’t open your mails, or once they get there, they find nothing that interests them. Either way, you have a problem, and you need to go through an email verification process.

How do you proceed to an email verification?

Email verification is not complicated. It is only making sure that the mails on your list are still valid, and that they reach potential consumers, interested in your products. Every time you use your email list, there will be about 2% of the emails that won’t work anymore, in average. In one year, you are looking at 20% of your list that isn’t good anymore. If you keep sending mails to them, it will increase your bounce rates and damage your reputation, which will end-up with your mails landing in the spam folder.

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