Review: Are The Great Courses Really Worth The Money

If you are a student, you probably have already used online teaching to help revise your courses before exams. But many non-student people are also more and more interested in online courses in order to keep gathering knowledge. The now famous Great Courses are promoter of what we call a lifelong education, which means that learning is not a journey with an end but something we have to practice during our entire life. With multiple supports, they have managed to attract a wide learnership, from active student to retired seniors. Let’s review the benefits of their services.

The Great Courses, The “Netflix Of Learning”

Some call The Great Courses “the Netflix of learning”. Indeed, when Thomas M. Rollins, former Chief Counsel of the US Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, founded the Teaching Company in 1990, his idea was to gather the best lectures on video format for his platform The Great Courses. He spent all his money, time and energy in recruiting the best professors and expert in order to record the lecture they used to dispense at school, high school and university, sometimes asking them to modify them especially for his services.

What helped the Teaching Company to grow more and more famous is their strong ethic toward a lifelong learning, meaning that for them, learning is not only a short term journey with an end but more of a lifelong adventure during which anyone should keep gathering knowledge.

Hard Copy Materials + Online Courses = Optimal Learning

the other reason why The Great Courses are so appreciated by such a wide range of users is their use of multiple supports. Users have indeed access to an entire online digital video library, but they also get other supports such as CDs and DVDs or hard copy materials such as workbooks and guidebooks. The latter are usually sent via email in PDF format so that learners can chose to refer to it on their computer or on a home-printed version.

By using multiple supports like this, the Teaching Company helped to make learning accessible for anyone, may they be students addicted to the digital world or seniors not used to informatics. Even better, they keep their services up-to-date with technological innovations, e.g. when they launched their Great Courses app.

Is The Cost Really Worth the Money?

One of the main drawback we usually hear about the Great Courses services is their price. Indeed, prices are quite high and courses can seem quite expensive at first view. But that is without taking in account the numerous sales and discount constantly offered on the platform. For instance, one Black Friday, they offered a 90% discount, free shipping, and $20 discount of the order. Other punctual discounts include the Summer Saving Countdown, during which a dazzling deal is offered every day during exams period or else the Employee Pricing Sale, which offers a 50% discount to employee learners.

In the end, given the quality of the teaching and all the sales constantly proposed, we can easily say that The Great Courses are worth the money.

Learn More With The Great Courses Plus

If you are an adept of the concept of lifelong learning, you might leave a bit hungry for more. That is the reason why the Teaching Company has also launched The Great Courses Plus, an extended version of the platform offering « unlimited video access to the world’s greatest professors ». To make sure the deal fits your needs, you can enjoy a free month trial at first.

Some Interesting Reviews From Users

Of course, like any services, there are some drawbacks. We have tried to gather some constructive reviews, positive as well as negative, in order to give you the most objective view.

Positive Reviews

“I tried the app in 2014 and it really sucked, it was close to unusable. I tried it again recently with my daughter how was preparing her exams and it was a night and day difference. Prices have dropped and the app is now working perfectly. I’ve put only one star years ago, now I definitely go for five stars.” Terry W.

“All the lectures and videos I’ve purchased from the Teaching Company are easily available for watching and downloading even now I’ve stopped paying my monthly fee. That mean that when you buy a course, it is your forever. That a big plus for me.” Shane R.

Negative Reviews

“I did not understand that the courses were not free. I downloaded the app, which is advertised as free, and this is true, but it does not mean courses are free. The app is just a way to access the catalogue of courses, for which you have to pay if you want to use them.” Robert F.

“I was hoping to use the courses on my Kindle Fire but it did not work. Looking at other reviews, I see that many people were in the same situation. I’m very disapointed” Marlene B. (Note that it seems that the problem has been solved since.)


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