What are the Top 10 Anime Streaming Sites in 2020

Japanese animes have gained millions of fans around the world over the last three decades. The younger generations are particularly attracted to it, and demand keeps growing, year after year. It has been over a century since animes started to take their place on the cartoon market, and now it is a genre of its own. That is why we have decided to list the top 10 anime streaming sites in 2020.

Animes: Popularity Reflected in the Number of Streaming Sites Available

It is no wonder why animes are so popular: They offer spectacular graphics, original storylines and explosive action scenes. They also tend to be quite sensual and sexy. Their popularity is so big that today, it is not so hard to find specialized streaming sites. However, they don’t have the same HD quality, and they are not always safe. By going to the selected sites below (in alphabetical order) to watch your anime, you will enjoy (mostly) high-resolution images in a secured setting.

Best Anime Streaming Websites

If what you are looking for is a large variety of content, 9anime is probably the website you want to visit. It offers one of the largest range of anime collection that can be found online. Furthermore, it is known by fans as a site where you can watch HD content. It also offers the possibility of communicating with them, to ask for a series of anime which you can’t find, so that they can upload them for you. Most of the content is dubbed in English.

This website offers online streaming only, but its collection of anime content in English is really big. That is why so many users prefer to use this service to others. If streaming is your thing, try animedao.

This one is not for everyone. The visual of the website is spectacular, but the content is quite difficult to access. Today, most websites are user-friendly; it is not the case with animefreak. Its complex interface and a great number of ads, create complication when it comes to navigating the website. Many people still use it for its large library of anime in English.

This is considered a premium website. Those who register and pay for the service have access to the whole content found on the website. Most importantly, they receive full support. Their services can be used on a great variety of devices, which include: Smartphones, PCs, PlayStation, Xbox One, Google Chrome Cast, Foxtel Now Box, Apple Airplay, Apple TV, Telstra TV, and Samsung TV.

The problem that users find when they use free online streaming anime websites, is the number of ads they have to watch to get through the whole content. Therefore, animeseason is the one people like to use the most, because they have the least amount of advertisement.

It is not difficult to find advantages to animexd. They have an enormous range of content, which you can watch in high definition. It is also easy to search through the website for your favourite content. Finally, it suggests the latest trending anime videos, so you can be up-to-date on your viewings and talk about the latest series with your friends.

What anime viewers are looking for are: The latest content, high quality image and as few ads as possible. But the one quality this website has, over all others, is that it lets you stream the content about ten times faster, in top quality.

If you only watch content that has been obtained legally, then crunchyroll is one of the very few choices you will find on this list. Of course, it comes at a cost. It won’t break your bank account though, and it will bring you the very latest content available. Because it is legal, it is also available anywhere you are located in the world.

If there is one anime website we could not forget while preparing this Top 10 list, it has to be gogoanime. In fact, in most lists like ours, it would probably find its way at the top of it, or at least in the top three. One of the main reasons is that it reaches kids, adolescents and adults as well. All the content found on gogoanime is available with English subtitles, and the website can be reached from anywhere in the world. All content is free to download.

Last in our alphabetical list is kissanime. It is the most user-friendly website on this list. Searching and finding all the content you want is easy, with navigating options that anyone can comprehend at once. But the one reason why there are so many people visiting kissanime is for its online anime fan forums. There, everyone can share their views on the content shown on the website. They can also get information and comprehensive reviews on them. If you like to talk about what you have just watched, this is the website you’ll want to keep in your favourite folder.


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