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What Are the Best Alternatives to SolarMovie?

Today, it is possible to watch any movie you want online. Whether they are new releases or some of your old favourites, you can find them on the Internet, often in HD quality. But if you don’t know where to find them, this article is for you.

With the new technology, the days you had to wait to watch a movie on your television set are gone. Even current movies that just came out in cinemas are available for you to watch on your computer. If you prefer, you can also download them and view them later on, even if you don’t have access to the Internet then.

The number of websites pretending to offer free movies is quite high, but often, after a few minutes of watching, they ask you to sign up “for free”. Since you have to add the details of your credit card for future payment, it is not free. This is only a trial version and they’ll start charging your card once it expires. But there really are some free online movie streaming websites that allow you to watch movies and TV series online, and SolarMovie is one of them.


SolarMovie allows you to watch free movies and TV series online, without having to register or login. In only three steps you’ll be able to watch your favourite movies online for free.


Go to the SolarMovie website by entering this address in your web browser:


Choose form the large selection of movies and TV series by browsing through each category, or enter the name of the film or the TV series you want to watch beside the search icon in the upper right corner of the SolarMovie home page.

You will also be provided with a list of featured films, which are the latest movies to come out in cinemas and online. Once you have found the film or the TV show you would like to watch, click on it to continue to the next step.


Once you click on your selection, you will be directed to another page where you can finally watch the movie. It will also provide some servers to choose from. You can select any of them, in case the quality is not good enough or the movie does not start on one.

Other Online Movie Streaming Services

Streaming videos was made popular in the last few years by websites such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon. That brought a massive increase in the number of video services available online. SolarMovie was always considered one of the best, and people often look for other similar websites where they can watch videos for free. Here is a look at some of the best options.

1. Yes! Movies

“Yes! Movies” is one of the most important online movie sites available. Its main quality is that the loading speed is really quick. Of course, your internet speed has to be adequate! But if it is so, then “Yes! Movies” might be the best option for you.

Like most of the movie streaming sites, it also features TV series which have gained in popularity in recent years. There is also a permanent slideshow running on the site, informing you on the forthcoming new movies, which can be very useful.

2. Let Me Watch This

“Let Me Watch This” is another excellent website similar to SolarMovie. It is free and features an extensive collection of all the movies ever been made.

The special feature on “Let Me Watch This” is one that suggests movies for you. The theory is that if you like a particular movie, then you will also like this other one. Users can rate the films they just watched, which helps others to choose.

The one problem you may find with this website is that they display ads before the video plays. But all you have to do is close the advertisement and start the movie.

3. AllMovie

The great thing about “AllMovie” is that it offers information on movie news, actors and actresses as well as other fun facts relating to the industry. It also lets you see the movies playing in the cinema in case you’d like to leave the house for a little while…

4. Yify

“Yify” is considered a high-quality alternative for SolarMovie since you can watch all the movies and TV series in HD for free, which is not the case for most of these websites. On “Yify”, the stream comes from a 3rd party, but it does not affect the way you watch your movie.

5. Movies.GG

Movies.GG is a free online movie streaming service accessible in both English and German. On its homepage, you can find the newest movies through the use of a toolbar on the left side, which enables you to identify the latest additions.

There are many other options you can choose from, but here are a just a few more names to look up if you haven’t found the movie streaming website which pleases you yet: Hulu, Movie Watcher, Vumoo, New Movies Online, Rainierland, Movies 4K, HaloA,, FMovies and Niter.

Take out the popcorn, close the lights and enjoy your movie!

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