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Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself Randomly And How To Fix It?

Your Xbox One is turning on by itself regularly, without any apparent reason? Do not panic, it is not haunted. This issue is actually very common amongst Xbox users and you can see it covered on many forums. But be assured, the most common causes of this misfunctioning are often very easy to solve, as they require no technical intervention. Dust, settings and updates are most often involved, and we will see how to fix it so your Xbox stops turning on by itself randomly and for no reason.

Dust can turn on your Xbox randomly

This may sound silly to most of you, yet it seems to be the most common reason for your Xbox turning on by itself randomly. Indeed, the Xbox One was deliberately designed without a physical power button, in order to prevent dirt and dust from nesting in the surrounding space. So it’s a simple touch icon that acts as an On-Off button.

Unfortunately, this touch button is sometimes too sensitive and can be triggered by the slightest touch or the slightest static discharge. A simple dust can therefore be the reason for your troubles. If so, you can just clean the front of your console, mostly near the power icon (don’t be surprised if it lights up at that time). Your Box should return to normal operation.

Even if it is done, take the opportunity to also clean the rest of the Xbox, to avoid other problems to come.

Your Xbox can turn on by itself because of Kinect

If your Xbox is one of the few consoles that have been developed with the Kinect technology, a range equipped with sound and movement detectors, this could also be the reason for your difficulties. Indeed, this technology is designed to detect movements or words related to the Xbox One.

In this way, anything you can pronounce in connection with your Xbox, such as “Xbox”, “Hey Cortana” or any other specific word related to your device, would automatically activate the Kinect technology and turn on your console. Unfortunately, technology is sometimes too sensitive and could misunderstand your words, associating other words or expressions with its reference vocabulary, which could cause it to turn on your Xbox by itself randomly without you wanting it.

Do not panic, you can simply deactivate the Kinect sign in on your Xbox settings, but if you have some patience, you also have the possibility to train it to recognize your voice.

Your Xbox Can Keep turning on because of a controller

If you are using an external controller with your console, the complications may come from there. Just try disconnecting it, or even removing the battery, and see if your Xbox continues to turn on by itself for no reason.

TV’s HDMI-CEC option may turn on your Xbox randomly
Some TV brands, such as Samsung, offer an HDMI-CEC option, which automatically turns on your Xbox One when you turn on the TV. In this case, simply deactivate this option in the TV settings.

If your Xbox keeps turning on, install the latest updates

Another problem, which can be linked to the previous one, is the obsolescence of the updates. Indeed, these are essential for the proper functioning of your Xbox. They allow you to avoid the latest viruses and hacks, to install new parameters, and to correct bugs (if it is your controller who is creating the bug, it may have been corrected in one of the latest updates).

If you’ve turned off automatic updates or haven’t connected your console to the Internet for a long time, it’s to log in and re-enable automatic download to bring new life to your Xbox. If you are not a fan of automatic updates, don’t worry, you just have to do them manually (but beware, if it’s been a long time, it may take you some time).

One more tip: Check the connections of your Xbox

It may also be a good idea to check your console connections. For example, if it is plugged into a power strip, unplug it and plug it back into the main wall outlet. Then check that it works properly.

Last hope: Restart your Xbox

Last tip, hoping that you haven’t had a need to read this far, and if that’s the case, it’s good, also try restarting your console. Not just by turning it off and back on, but by pressing and holding the touchscreen power button for 10 seconds, and turning off the power for another 10 seconds. Reconnect and turn on again to see if the problem is resolved.

If, with all that, your Xbox still turns on without your knowledge, it’s that it’s time to have it serviced, hoping it won’t be anything serious. Long live your Xbox!

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