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How to fix my Xbox One which turns off by itself?

This is one of the most common issues faced by Xbox One players. Let’s imagine for a second: you are playing on your Xbox One and all of a sudden, your Xbox turns off by itself. It could be very raging. So, you might be asking how to fix your Xbox One. The answer is simple: the most common source of this problem is overheating. Let’s see how we can help you to fix you console which turns of randomly.

Overheating: your Xbox randomly turns off because it cannot ventilate

As we said earlier, overheating is really the most common reason for an Xbox to turn off by itself. This reason may be due to hundreds of technical problems, but they are mainly focused on a bad air ventilation. It can simply be a fan that it is blocked or maybe you did not allow enough space to let your Xbox breathe. We have to tell you that an overheating may be a reason for a damaged console.

All these reasons don’t let your Xbox expel air properly, that’s why it is turning off by itself, in order to self-protection. Let’s see how we can help you to fix these issues.

Let it cool down in order to open it

First of all, if your Xbox keep turning off by itself, don’t touch it because overheating can be dangerous for you. If you see that it is really hot, don’t panic and wait while it is cooling down. The perfect thing to do is to wait almost for an hour to let properly your Xbox to turn off completely and to be at ambient temperature in order to touch it.

Clean the air vents on the inside and the outside of your Xbox

As we said, the most common reason of aa Xbox shutting down is overheating. If your console is getting really hot, that’s maybe the fault of the air vents. On the outside of this console, there are many air vents. If you try to find the Xbox’s air vents, you will be able to see that they are maybe blocked by many matters built up over time. In that spaces, you will find dust, dirt, cat hair and even human hair.

If you see all of that matter in the air vents, you should use a pressurized air can to unblock the vents. Before doing that, make sure that your Xbox is really off and unplugged. Don’t use a cloth or a tissue to clean the air vents because it could make the problem worse. Using a pressurized air can is really the solution to clean the air vents but it will push the dust into the inside fans.

In order to make sure that your Xbox is okay, you can open it to see if the fans are not blocked by the dust we pushed. Please, make sure that your Xbox is off and is unplugged to avoid electrification. Before opening it, make sure that the warranty of it is done because open a Xbox can throw away the warranty. When you have checked all of these steps, you can open your Xbox and you can use the air can in order to clean all the inside’s components.

Replace the fan in order to fix an Xbox which randomly turns off

Once you have cleaned up every single air vent on your Xbox. You can try to turn it on. Don’t play right away and wait to see if your fans are working well. If one of them is not working, you will have to replace it.

To replace a fan, the process can be done with ease: buy a new one on the Internet and replace it by putting it on the same spot. Before closing your Xbox make sure that there is no dust.

Allow enough space around the Xbox

When you have finished with all the cleaning stuff, you will have to place your Xbox free in order to let it breathe properly. To do this in the right way, Microsoft advice you to allow at least 15 to 20 cm on each side of the Xbox.

Moreover, don’t put stuff on the top of your Xbox One because it can prevent your xbox to breathe and maybe causing your Xbox to turn off randomly. However, we can give you a little advice: if it is overheating again after trying all these solutions, try to replace you TV stand with a glass TV stand, it will help your Xbox to breathe better.

Your power supply could be damaged

If none of these steps worked, it might be the power supply that is damaged. In order to replace it, you have to ask for the Xbox’s after services. They will help you to get a new one.

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