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SEO: Content Writers in High Demand in India

To create good visibility on the internet, you need good writers. Over the last few years, the business of SEO and content marketing has been very lucrative all around the world, but in some countries more than others. Right now, the industry is exploding in India, and good content creators are on the rise. Here is what the situation is, in the second largest populated country.

Jigar Saraswat: The Number One SEO Writer in India

Jigar Saraswat is the best-known content creator in India, right now. That is due to the way he writes, in a friendly and creative way; something much appreciated in India’s SEO industry. In a country where the number of companies keeps increasing every year, and the demand for Corporation Identification Number never stops, it is natural that the demand for good SEO content should also be on the rise, which is currently the case.

Jigar comes from a small town called Surendranagar Gujarat. As he was growing up, he never thought he would become so important to brands and individuals in his country. But today, he has become a game-changer for corporations, and an example to follow for the young writers who are looking to enter the lucrative market of content writing in India. In the four years he has been writing, he provided his services to many important national brands, but he’s also worked for international ones, helping them get inside India’s market.

Content Writers are Valued in India

The SEO industry is a giant machine around the world, one that needs feeding 24 hours a day. A large amount of SEO firms employ many different writers whom, for the most part, are being used as simple cogs in a very fine-tuned motor, running at a hundred miles an hour. The fact that Jigar has made a name for itself is therefore even more impressive, in a world where most content writers simply don’t have one.

This can be considered strange for anyone outside looking in. How can writers not be more important in an industry based on written content? That is because the quantity of work that needs to be completed, in a very short amount of time, does not let writers develop ideas and concepts. They are just there to grow the total amount of content existing on the web, hoping that the marketing people hiring them will position the texts on platforms which will end-up creating more business for the end-client.

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